The Ottawa Aikikai Dojo is found at 155 Loretta Ave, Ottawa, ON, Canada. Parking spots are available, and there are major bus routes within a short walk of the dojo.

The Ottawa Aikikai Dojo is a not-for-profit martial arts dojo that has been a part of the Ottawa community since 1980. The dojo offers the opportunity to train in four traditional martial arts: Aikido, Iaido, Kenjutsu and Jiu Jitsu. Each of the four martial styles has affiliations with National or International organizations or directly with the lineage holder in order to provide standards, training opportunities and guidance with respect to testing for various ranks. The “not-for-profit” status means that all instructors are volunteers and receive no remuneration for teaching classes in their respective styles.

The collective vision of the Ottawa Aikikai Dojo is to build a more peaceful world one encounter at a time. This is achievable through the practice of a martial art to improve ourselves. Specifically the styles focus on improving one’s own martial skills (techniques, balance and fitness) while at the same time developing an awareness of one’s body, mind and the space through which one moves. The overreaching intent is to aid members in the navigation of conflict situations both in class and “in the real world” by acting confidently and compassionately with all who they come in contact with.

None of styles participate in competitions nor do we consider our respective martial traditions to be a ‘sport’. Rather the four styles share the space, supporting each other and building on a long history of martial practice. Though there are separate classes for each style, members of the Ottawa Aikikai Dojo are encouraged to explore the other arts (cross-train) to discover which style fits best with what they wish to accomplish. To further the collaborative atmosphere of the dojo, we bring all styles together semi-annually for a weekend of training together..